Beauty matched with brains, 2006
"Would you accept a five star meal if it was merely slopped into a bowl? No, then by the same token why drink a fine wine from an inferior glass? Wine glasses, or stemware as it is more accurately referred to, are recognised as a vital component in the expression and ultimate enjoyment of a wine. The flavour profile and aromas of a wine become enhanced and more clearly identifiable, in so offering the consumer an accurate appreciation of the specific wine. With this in mind, Emil den Dulk, owner of De Toren Private Cellar has imported a range of Peter Steger stemware, to be sold from the farm to private individuals and the trade. The design and structure of these machine-blown crystal glasses is unique in that it allows for far more acute appreciation of one’s wines, and the titanium hardened stress points reduce breakages by up to 30%."

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